Boutique Photography - I am passionate about telling the story of life in a photojournalistic way. I believe it makes wedding pictures more interesting and valuable and gives them that extra meaning. My photography is all about capturing reality (100%). For me, it is not enough to just capture the moments that are predictable at every wedding. I need to capture the spontaneous, pure moments that happen when family and friends come together to celebrate. My true goal is to show through my work how it felt to be at your wedding.

WHAT makes me different from competition? 
1 I don't place a limit on hours I spend at the wedding (NO limit on time, NO limit on images). I start as early as requested by my clients and stay until late into the night.
2 No extra charges, no hidden costs, no watermarks on any images. 
3 My rate is extremely competitive as I cooperate with some equipment manufacturers who in exchange for my reviews of their gear, cover a lot of my expenses (travel, hotels, meals, etc)
4 My style and approach to wedding photography makes me stand out from the crowd. I shoot truly documentary (100%) as I believe wedding photography is much much more than just about the look. 
5 I love doing it. I don't mind staying late, having extra expenses, traveling far. All I care about is getting the best photos for my clients.

Contact me by Mob. 085 1184221; by email or visit our website